What is womens edgy fashion? Well, it’s a number of things! Edgy fashion isn’t a particular clothing type, but rather taking elements of fashion and adding them to an otherwise basic outfit. These elements could be jewellery, a handbag, sunglasses, anything that elevates your look.

But there are a few versions of edgy, so let’s break them down.

Edgy chic fashion style

Edgy chic would be considered a more conservative outfit. For example, any classic Pinterest outfit. We’re talking the little black dress, black tights and classic court heels. A way to elevate that look and make it ‘edgy’ would be to add stacked rings, layered necklaces and really go all out with the accessories.

This style isn’t always considered ‘edgy’, but as fashion evolves, so too does the terminology. Nowadays, edgy is very much a way of styling as opposed to the clothing itself.

Edgy chic fashion style

Edgy 90s fashion

Edgy 90s fashion is pretty much exactly what we are seeing in the return of Y2K fashion! It’s colourful, its iconic, it’s everything the 90s were. Think Clueless, but with Dior saddle bags and hair beads. As the 90s fashion trends return in full force, it’s interesting to see a new generational take on it.

90’s edgy fashion was coined by icons such as Gwen Stefani and other 90s pop stars. But as a new generation adds their take to this iconic style, we see new elements coming on top of the classic, vintage pieces, such as chunky trainers paired with skater skirts.

edgy 90s fashion

This is the epitome of ‘edgy’. Rock chick meets fashion icon. If we were to put a face to edgy grunge fashion, we would probably say Avril Lavigne. Arguably, the queen of grunge fashion. Now, gone are the fish net tights and cargo pants, but still going strong are the iconic band tees and ripped jeans, as well as the eyeliner and space buns and for that we are grateful!

motorbike with brave girl

There are a few things you can do to immediately turn a basic fit edgy. We’re going to share a few with you!

Womens edgy fashion: how to turn an outfit edgy

Step 1

Put together a basic fit. For example, jeans and a t-shirt.

womens edgy fashion

Step 2

Let’s start simple and add some jewellery in the style “womens edgy fashion”,. We recommend stacking necklaces and rings. The best way to be edgy is to make sure you are covered in jewellery! If you have your ears pierced, fill them too!

Step 3

The easiest way to add edge to a look is adding an oversized blazer, or if you want to be SUPER edgy, a faux leather jacket. Preferably one with studs. Lots of them!

Step 4

For shoes in the category “womens edgy fashion”, black ankle boots are the perfect edgy look and are guaranteed to go with any outfit!

As fashion evolves, it’s interesting to see the elements that stick. This year has seen the return of so many past trends and has really ramped up the want for vintage and secondhand fashion. Seeing the recreation of past trends is so interesting to us as fashion lovers and something we can’t wait to see more of!

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