What is Y2K fashion and why is still popular amongst men and women?

If you haven’t heard of a little app called TikTok, first off, how?! Secondly, you might not know what Y2K fashion has made a huge come back this summer. From hair clips to bead necklaces, it’s all everyone is wearing! But what exactly is Y2K fashion?

What is Y2K fashion?

What is Y2K fashion

Y2K fashion covers fashion trends from the late 90s and early-to-mid 2000’s. This era was defined by the women who ruled pop culture. Think Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and any other iconic female wearing low rise jeans circa 2000’s.

y2k meaning

Across social media, 90’s hairstyles and letter bead necklaces are taking over. And yes, we do mean the ones you used to sit and make with your best friend, “xoxo bff 4 eva”.

fashion y2k

y2k fashion lady

But it’s more than a fashion trend. It’s an aesthetic. A nostalgic feeling that is bonding millennials and gen z’s together through clothing and hairstyles and pink, glittery eyeshadow.

Y2K mens’ fashion

Unlike most fashion trends, Y2K fashion isn’t gender specific. In fact, it’s quite gender neutral! We’re talking low rise jeans, double denim crop tops, co-ord tracksuits, although maybe not the Juicy Couture tracksuits.

What to wear

Oversized graphic tees have always been a staple in a man’s wardrobe. But pair that with a long-sleeved undershirt, cargo pants and a head scarf (if you’re daring enough) and you have the perfect Y2K look.

y2k fashion men

Y2K mens fashion

Plus size Y2K fashion

Y2K is unique, adaptable and therefore isn’t specific to a certain body type. Clothing that makes you feel nostalgic and iconic, is exactly what Y2K fashion means. Clothes are an art form to provide confidence, uniqueness and expression. Particularly when its a comeback of a trend to recreate and love again!

What to wear

plus size y2k fashion

Y2K fashion Plus size

If you’re plus sized, low rise jeans might not be your go to. So why not try pairing a tennis skirt with an embroidered 90s style t-shirt and some chunky trainers. Don’t forget your beaded necklaces!

Y2K fashion streetwear

Juicy Couture bedazzled on your behind? Luckily, that’s not quite made a comeback in the new Y2K trend. Streetwear can be quite a broad term, particularly when it comes to the ever-changing cycle of fashion trends. But Y2K streetwear comes from 90’s girl groups and hip-hop legends, bringing baggy jeans back with a bang.

What to wear 

If you’re looking for authentic Y2K streetwear, Depop and most preloved vintage stores will provide a plethora of garments ripe for the picking. The good thing about circular trends is that there is a huge surge in secondhand and vintage styles. No longer is a charity shop, frowned upon, its worshipped.

Start your search in the wide leg jean department and then head to the oversized hoodies. Pair with some chunky trainers and you’re set.

y2k fashion hoodie

y2k fashion women

As the Y2K trend continues to make its rounds on social media, the nostalgia continues for millennials as they recreate their childhood trends, but better. Now, with adult money and a better wardrobe, our ability to express childhood nostalgia through the art of clothes.

Fashion trends come and go and it’s time to dig out that old letter bead necklace you made in 2002 before it’s too late!

y2k fashion girl

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