5 Essentiële elementen van goede bedrijfskleding

Er zijn veel ondernemingen waarbij goede bedrijfskleding vitaal is om een goede merkuitstraling te presenteren die zowel het imago als de identiteit van het bedrijf positief beïnvloedt. Maar hoe kunnen ondernemers ervoor zorgen dat de bedrijfskleding de juiste boodschap overbrengt? In deze blog nemen we de 5 belangrijkste elementen met je door.  1. Representatieve uitstraling […]

2023 fashion tips women

fashion tips 2023 women

Fashion for women has always been a popular topic, with many women taking an interest in the latest styles, trends, and fashion designs. From clothing and accessories to shoes and handbags, women have a wide variety of options when it comes to fashion. Why do women love fashion One reason why women like fashion is […]

Womens edgy fashion – what is this urban chic 90s style exactly?

womens edgy fashion

What is womens edgy fashion? Well, it’s a number of things! Edgy fashion isn’t a particular clothing type, but rather taking elements of fashion and adding them to an otherwise basic outfit. These elements could be jewellery, a handbag, sunglasses, anything that elevates your look. But there are a few versions of edgy, so let’s […]

What is Y2K fashion and why is still popular amongst men and women?

y2k fashion

If you haven’t heard of a little app called TikTok, first off, how?! Secondly, you might not know what Y2K fashion has made a huge come back this summer. From hair clips to bead necklaces, it’s all everyone is wearing! But what exactly is Y2K fashion? What is Y2K fashion? Y2K fashion covers fashion trends […]