10 ways to wear 70s Disco fashion

Recent trends are mimicking 70s disco fashion and we love it! Since the release of Euphoria in 2019, the groovy, glitzy aesthetic has made a return and its better than ever. The series starring Zendaya was popular across social media and has since brought with it a rediscovered appreciation of mini dresses, gogo boots and neon coloured eyeshadow.

70’s disco fashion has always been worn and appreciated, but recently it’s returning to the stores and showing up as different trends! Have you been on the Zara homepage recently?!

We’re going to break it down for you and share 10 ways to wear 70s disco fashion today.

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70s disco fashion

1. Patterned flare trousers

A huge staple of 70s disco were the flared trousers, for both men and women. Whether it was paisley print, snake print or solid colours, flared trousers are a great way to recreate 70s fashion! And if you’re feeling extra funky, tiered flares are another way to step it up and step back in time.

2. Jumpsuits

Similar to flared trousers, jumpsuits were the epitome of 70s disco fashion. Particularly sparkly jumpsuits with a plunge neck. A good jumpsuit should be a staple of every wardrobe because it is an automatic statement piece. Pair with a faux fur coat and BAM, people will think you’re a time traveller.

3. Disco fashion 70s Mini skirts

Mini skirts have been a statement piece in just about every decade since the 60s, but were a huge hit during the 70’s disco era. Wear it with a halter top for the perfect roller skate disco look.

disco fashion 70s

4. Silk shirts

For both male and female, silk shirts are in and the perfect way to wear 70s disco fashion in a subtle way. Well, we say subtle but if out there is your style then there is plenty of colour and patterned styles out there.

5. Mini dresses

Again, just take a look at the Zara homepage! Mini dresses are back in style, particularly floral halter neck dress and geometric print. Style with some white gogo boots and you’re a 70s icon.

6. Groovy makeup

What do we mean by that? We mean glitter, glitz and glam! Statement makeup is extremely popular right now. We’re talking neon eyeshadow and diamante highlighter, with a bold lip. And it’s amazing.

60s 70s disco fashion

7. Statement accessories

Whether it’s stacked rings or statement earrings, accessories were very much a huge part of 70s disco fashion. Whether it was men or women, jewellery was a widely appreciated accessory. Thick bangles, dangling earrings and particularly head scarves were worn throughout the decade and are an amazing way to pay homage to disco fashion.

8. Authentic 70s disco fashion: Halter tops

Halter tops or silk scarf tops are making a huge comeback and can be seen as authentic 70s disco fashion. They are an extremely subtle way to appreciate the fashion trends without having to go all out.

authentic 70s disco fashion

9. Womens 70s disco fashion: Gogo boots

Quite possibly the best way to pay homage to 70s disco fashion is the infamous gogo boot. Wearing these is an absolute womens 70s disco fashion style statement! They are extremely on trend right now too, so you can pretty much buy them anywhere! And in our personal opinion, they look fabulous with just about every outfit!

womens 70 disco fashion Gogo boots

10. Faux fur jacket

If you want to take 70s disco fashion to the ultimate, we recommend pairing all of the above with a faux fur jacket! And of course, go to a roller disco because it’s a must.

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