Sport fashion: 10 ways to look trendy in your sportswear

Sports fashion or sportswear has long surpassed being used simply for exercising or for athletes only. In fact, many people now wear sportswear in a ‘I look like I just left my hot yoga class and am now on my way for a Starbucks, don’t I look great?’ kind of way. Just type in ‘model off duty’ into Pinterest and you’ll find a dozen ways to wear cycle shorts that aren’t whilst actually cycling.

sports fashion

But because of this, sportswear companies are producing items that are super cute and still work out appropriate and we’re going to tell you our top tips to look trendy whilst you’re exercising.

1. Matching sets

It goes without saying that a colour coordinated outfit is always the best way to look effortlessly chic. Wearing a matching set immediately elevates your look to the next level.

2. Accessorize

Now, make sure you’re safe. We’re not suggesting you were your most expensive necklaces to lift weights but adding a basketball cap or a scrunchie can take your outfit from a workout to working that fit!

3. Sports luxe fashion & breathable material

It goes without saying but picking breathable sportswear is going to make sure you are looking good and feeling good for the whole of your workout, not just the start. This goes for everyone.

sports luxe fashion

The sports luxe fashion that matches with your style is easily found while browsing through one the Fashion124 search engines.

4. Pick a colour that works for you

Along the same lines as tip number 3, you want to make sure that when your face is turning a nice healthy shade of red, that your outfit isn’t emphasizing that. A great rule for all clothing in general is to know what colours work for your skin tone, but particularly when working out.

sport fashion shoes trendy

5. Wear your fashion sport trainers for comfort

Possibly an obvious tip, but we’re reminding you anyway! If a baggy t-shirt and leggings is what you feel comfortable in, then that is what you wear! We know that gyms can add an extra layer of self-consciousness, so make sure you feel confident in what you are wearing.

And btw, we think you look great all the time.

fashion sport trainers

Feeling more confident all starts by wearing the right fashion sport trainers, it’s the way you stand with your feet on the ground!

6. Go for an updo

Yes, we know you have beautiful hair. But we can guarantee you, you will be hating the fact you wore your hair down in about half an hour. Tie it back in a cute high pony or messy bun and use tip number 2! Accessorise!

7. Monochrome

Similar to matching sets, dressing all in one colour is a great way to instantly look chicer (sports luxe fashion). Whatever colour you choose, make sure it’s all the same shade for a seamless, almost effortless look.

sports luxe fashion white

Oh yes, being monocrome is a way of living sports luxe fashion.

8. Cute sport fashion shoes!

We know work out shoes can sometimes be, how do we say it… Not so cute. But there are so many trainer brands now offering stunning work out shoes that you could call: Sport fashion shoes!

We suggest going with a more understated shoe as it is much more likely to match with multiple different outfits. But if colour is your thing, rock it! It could also be a nice gift for outdoorsy women.

sport fashion shoes

9. Taking a ‘end of gym’ pack

So, you’re looking cute, you’ve finished your workout and now it’s time to go. The best way to stay trendy the whole time is to pack a little bag with deodorant, maybe some touch up make up or even a cloth to give yourself a little pat before you go on your way.

10. Wear a trendy jacket

Ah, of course… You’ll need a nice trendy jacket for those colder and rainy days too. There’s plenty of them right?

sports luxe fashion jacket

It’s the perfect gift for Athletes

Sporty fashion items are perfect gifts for athletes as they obviously love to sport, but relaxing is also part of their lifestyle.


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