What is Indie Fashion?

indie fashion

Indie clothing tends to include a variety of styles. It encompasses so many trends, it is impossible to go out of style! Many describe it as more than a fashion trend, it’s a ‘way of life’. With so many nostalgic fashion trends making a comeback, it’s exciting to see the them promote secondhand fashion. Though […]

10 ways to wear 70s Disco fashion

70's disco fashion

Recent trends are mimicking 70s disco fashion and we love it! Since the release of Euphoria in 2019, the groovy, glitzy aesthetic has made a return and its better than ever. The series starring Zendaya was popular across social media and has since brought with it a rediscovered appreciation of mini dresses, gogo boots and […]

Sport fashion: 10 ways to look trendy in your sportswear

sport fashion

Sports fashion or sportswear has long surpassed being used simply for exercising or for athletes only. In fact, many people now wear sportswear in a ‘I look like I just left my hot yoga class and am now on my way for a Starbucks, don’t I look great?’ kind of way. Just type in ‘model […]

Womens edgy fashion – what is this urban chic 90s style exactly?

womens edgy fashion

What is womens edgy fashion? Well, it’s a number of things! Edgy fashion isn’t a particular clothing type, but rather taking elements of fashion and adding them to an otherwise basic outfit. These elements could be jewellery, a handbag, sunglasses, anything that elevates your look. But there are a few versions of edgy, so let’s […]